Dairy-Mix, Inc. Mission Statement

Dairy-Mix is dedicated to producing the highest-quality ice cream mix on the market and providing its customers with exceptional service, flavor, texture and food safety.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our employees, who have each completed the necessary food-safety training to support continuous improvement within the company. Dairy-Mix, Inc. employees understand our policies and our customer expectations, and are involved in all aspects of our operation. Their continued involvement is a main contributor to our success.


It all began when Anthony Coryn bought Evans Brothers Creamery, a local ice cream mix plant in St. Petersburg, FL. A strong-willed man of both passion and grit, Mr. Coryn also ran a soft-serve ice cream stand, Snow Peak, in the evenings to make ends meet and support his growing family.

It wasn’t long before his hard work and dedication paid off. Within 10 years, Anthony outgrew his small plant and moved Dairy-Mix, Inc. into a larger facility to accommodate growth and increase production capacity. As fate would have it, around that time Mr. Coryn was approached by Fred Turner, one of the first employees hired by Ray Kroc and the Operations Vice President of a growing fast-food chain named McDonald’s. After trying Dairy-Mix’s product as one of many options for an ice cream mix for the chain’s shakes, Mr. Turner couldn’t say no. It was a taste to remember.

Today, Dairy-Mix still supplies local McDonald’s with ice cream mix and is also the supplier to the area’s Dairy Queens, Wendy’s, wholesale distributors and ice cream parlors.

In the 70th year since Mr. Coryn founded Dairy-Mix, Inc., the company remains a family-owned and operated business with second and third generation family members honoring his legacy as they continue to produce the highest-quality ice cream mix in the market.

Awards and Achievements

  • Dairy Queen supplier since 1953
  • McDonald’s supplier since 1958
  • Wendy’s supplier since 2013

Charities and Organizations We Support